Staying Safe: Driving Habits to Avoid

Auto accidents are regrettable but, fortunately, most of them can be avoided. While all it takes is a moment of recklessness to get injured, or worse, a sober mind can keep you safe. What are the most common bad driving habits that you should endeavor to avoid?

It seems almost natural that most people behind the wheel are completely impatient with other road users. From unnecessary horning to indecent gestures and shouting, most modern drivers have little respect for others. This impatience is regrettable as it usually frustrates both the driver and other road users. For your own safety, it is necessary to exercise patience even when provoked.

Changes in the weather affect driving and every driver should adapt to those changes. On a rainy day, the driver’s visibility is greatly reduced and slippery roads make it harder for the driver to effectively control the car. It is very easy to get involved in an accident in such conditions. To avoid accidents when driving in unfavorable weather, you should drive at a low speed and also keep plenty of distance between yourself and the car in front.

A driver needs to notice and respect all road signs as they are the map that tells you what lies ahead. This is particularly important on an unfamiliar road. Ignoring such signs is a recipe for disaster and as driver you should continuously keep yourself informed of the meaning of all signs.

The vast majority of road accidents are caused by speeding drivers. When you are engrossed in thought or conversation, it is easy to forget to observe speed limits. Exceeding the speed limit could incur you a fine or penalty and, in the worst case scenario, speeding leads to fatalities.

Other road users need to know the actions you intend to take and you communicate this through indicating. You can imagine what would happen if you changed lanes abruptly without doing so.

Even after indicating, and doing so correctly, you must still remember that your message might not have been communicated to the other drivers and you should make your move after confirming that it is safe for you. Just as some drivers fail to indicate, there are also plenty of drivers who fail to respect the messages delivered via indicating and you must think of your own safety first.

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