Choose your Auto Repair Tech with care

Why You Should Choose Your Auto Repair Technician with Care

There are many car owners who have horror stories to tell from their experiences with auto repair technicians. In fact many people go for years without getting a technician who fully understands their cars and there are some have actually given up on getting a truly competent mechanic. Choosing the wrong mechanic normally means that you’ll spend plenty of money and still fail to get the car properly repaired. You’ll therefore be paying for somebody’s incompetence. What are some of the risks you take when you choose the wrong technician?

Getting the problem misdiagnosed
One of the biggest problems you can run to is getting a technician who fails to correctly find out what the exact problem with your car is. Wrong diagnosis naturally leads to the wrong repairs and, before you get a competent technician, your car could have been ruined in addition to wasting money and time.

Getting incomplete repairs
Have you ever taken your car for repairs and later discovered that there bolts and nuts that are missing or that some of the car’s components now look out of place? This is a very common problem and you always run this risk when you take your car to an unqualified technician or one who has inadequate facilities. It is not common for most technicians to admit that they lack the skills to deal with the problem at hand and such people can only waste your money.

Getting the car in a dirty state
When you took your car to a technician to get it fixed it was most probably in a sparkling condition yet when you come for it after the repairs it looks as if it had been dipped in oil. A technician could mishandle the car so that all the oils and greases in the repair shop get smeared on your car seats, carpets and steering wheel. While this might not be a very serious problem, it reflects badly on the character of the technician and will also cost you to get the smears cleaned up.

Expensive guess work
Most unqualified technicians who fail to correctly tell the problem they need to address will usually suggest that you buy certain parts which they then use to try to solve the imagined problem. When their efforts fail to bear fruit, they’ll then ask you to buy another part and this could go on indefinitely. This kind of guesswork costs you money and sometimes the problem is never solved.