Car Care Tips: Mistakes to Avoid

While you must take your car for maintenance at the appointed time, you might find yourself making that visit earlier than the scheduled time if you do not take proper care of your car. In fact, there are mistakes that you could make that will cost you big or shorten the life of your car. Fortunately, most of these mistake can be avoided and thereby help you car give you many years of trouble-free driving.

Forgetting to take your car for maintenance
If you are a very busy person, it is possible to forget when your car’s maintenance is due. The manual that comes with your car tells you when you should take your car for inspection and tuning up. If you get into the habit of failing to follow the instructions in the manual, you risk not only expensive repairs in the future but the life of your car will considerably compromised.

Opting for cheap repairs
While you certainly want to save money when getting your car repaired, it is important to remember that quality service costs money and you must therefore avoid the temptation of going to the cheapest mechanic. You might come to learn later that the guy who charges you very little is unqualified and you might find yourself taking your car to another mechanic – and, of course, paying a second time.

Failing to change oil and filters at the right time
The life of your car’s engine is at risk whenever you fail to change the oil at the right time. Should you also fail to remove dirty filters, there are many sensors in the car that will fail to work and the repair bill that you’ll need to foot might run into thousands.

Using the wrong oil
Just as the manual tells you when to take your car for inspection, it also tells you the kind of oil that is ideal for your car. You might therefore observe oil change religiously but using the wrong oil makes the engine fail to perform efficiently.

Failing to change other auto fluids
Your car’s manual also gives details on when you should change the transmission and brake fluids and you need to obey these instructions as well. As you’ll discover, this is a really easy job that you can do on your own but failing to change these fluids will not only make your car inefficient but will lead to costly repairs in the long run.